Being part of a community demands participating and giving back to the community!


Michael and Verena have been part of their Cape Coral and Lee County Community for many years.


The Cape Coral Community Foundation
Cape Coral Community Foundation 

 Michael and Verena are long time donors and Michael has served on the board of directors for several years.

The SW Florida Symphony
SW Florida Symphony 

Michael and Verena are long term donors and sponsors and Michael served on the board of directors and is now the chairman of the Symphony Endowment Foundation.

Arts for Act and ACT
Arts for Act

Michael and Verena have been Arts for Act supporters for many years and have assembled a beautiful collection of art pieces for their home.

Arts for Act

This gallery is part of the ACT support system and part of the annual Arts for Act Auction.

Many local artists have been supporters on an annual basis with huge success. Robert Rauschenberg was the major supporter for many years. Thank you Robert!

The Cape Coral Caring Center
Cape Coral Caring Center 

Michael and Verena have been contributors for many years.  Their annual Christmas party collects funds for the center at a special time of need.  The annual collection adds up to about $2,000 every year.  When Verena goes shopping, she buys a few extra items in great need for their food bank on a regular basis.


Michael Schneider-Christians
3581 Valle Santa Cir.
Cape Coral, FL 33909 USA
PH: 239-549-9993
Cell/SMS: 239-851-3975