Allstate Insurance Team - Cape Coral, FL
Michael, Verena, Nathan, Nancy, Craig

Michael and Verena Schneider-Christians are now in the insurance business.  Together with their daughter and son in law, Vanessa and Craig Arndt, they have opened a new Allstate agency...the Cape Coral Insurance Group, LLC.  Craig has a very successful Allstate agency in Tampa and has always aspired to grow and expand his business.  After a successful 20 year career, Micheal and Verena slowed their Cape Coral real estate business down in 2006.  When Allstate was looking to open an agency in the downtown Cape Coral area, the opportunity for a family business sounded like a great idea.


"We are an Allstate agency, staffed with experienced and licensed insurance personnel.  We can service all insurance and financial services needs within Cape Coral and the surrounding areas", says Michael.


Service comes first!  Verena says, "we intend to consult with all our clients to find the best insurance solution for their present situation, but also advise all clients of changes in the industry on a regular basis".


The office officially opened on July 1st, 2009.  We are located in the AZTEC building right behind Trebing Tile and Jimbo's Restaurant.

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Cape Coral Insurance Group, LLC
4529 SE 16th Place,
Cape Coral, FL 33904 USA
PH: 239-471-0600
Cell/SMS: 239-851-3975

Allstate Insurance Team - Cape Coral, FL

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